Our Community

The opportunity for children to receive a great education in a supportive environment is more important than ever to East Harlem families.


Our families live in a community with many of the lowest performing schools in New York City, only 49% of East Harlem elementary school students meet New York State and City Reading Standards. Furthermore, 76% of families have a household income of less than $50,000, fewer than 13% of adults hold a college degree and less than 50% of adults hold a high school diploma. Having a healthy family in East Harlem also remains a challenge. The community has the city’s highest rates of childhood obesity, asthma and diabetes, creating another obstacle toward student success.


While these facts of life can pose enormous challenges for East Harlem children and families, they also inspire our efforts to reach new levels of achievement.

DREAM Charter School exists to support families who face extraordinary pressures impacting their children’s education. Together, the DREAM community is building a school with high expectations, a strong culture of care and a vision of student success and excellence. We invite our families to be involved in every stage of their child's education at DREAM. For more information, please see our DREAM Family Action Council.


Students thrive with individualized attention. DREAM has two teachers in every elementary classroom.

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