Our Approach

Culture of achievement

Academic excellence is at the center of DREAM ’s culture. Students are held accountable for completing their work, fully participating in all classroom activities and reaching their individual goals. At DREAM, young scholars learn joyfully and achievement is always celebrated.


Curriculum that drives success

DREAM’s curriculum motivates students to apply higher level thinking, problem solve and work toward independence. Teachers ensure that students are responsible for their own learning and hold students to the highest standards at all times.


co-teaching model

Every elementary classroom at DREAM has two teachers, which means a 1:12 teacher to student ratio. Classrooms have one general education teacher and one special education teacher. This model ensures that all students who require additional support receive services within a general education classroom setting.


extended day, extended year 

DREAM operates on an extended day model to ensure that they have more opportunities to learn and grow. In addition, DREAM has a longer school year where all students are required to attend a high-quality summer program. All DREAM scholars are eligible to attend Harlem RBI’s nationally recognized REAL Kids Program at no additional cost.


responsive intervention

Before students fall behind, DREAM teachers catch them. Small learning groups are flexible, allowing for individualized and targeted instruction. Teachers make sure academic gaps are addressed early, using multiple modes of intervention so that scholars receive the appropriate attention at the right time.



Students thrive with individualized attention. DREAM has two teachers in every elementary classroom.

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