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DREAM Charter School staff promotes physical, social, emotional and moral growth in a nurturing environment with high expectations, inspiring every student to recognize their potential and realize their dreams.


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School leadership

Eve Colavito
Head of School



Marjorie Cass

Middle School Principal


Traci L. Douglas

Director of Operations



Brett Fazio

Dean of Students


Andrew Kile

Academic Dean



Mike McCarthy

Director of School Culture


Emily Parkey

Director of Family Engagement


Jamie Platzer

Academic Dean

Robin Rubenstein

Elementary School Principal



Data and Assessment Manager




Eon Goldson

Operations Associate



Sharae McDuffie

Operations Associate


Janice Northia

Manager of School


Beverly Parsons

Operations Manager

Melanie Rodriguez

Operations Associate



Student support


Aladji Barry

Discipline Coordinator



Jenna Berman

Social Worker

Jasmin Berrios

Social Worker


Marilyne Cartagena

Family Coordinator


Angel Lopez

Discpline Coordinator



Amy Proulx
ELL Coordinator


Susie Purviance
Special Education Coordinator



Intervention Specialist


Leticia Sanchez
Intervention Specialist



Brittany Zucker
Speech Teacher






Nina Fink
K-5 Science Teacher


Kristen Frick
3-7 Music and Theater Teacher


E. Cherelle Hale
K-3 Music and Theater Teacher
Chorus Director



Erica Jones
K-4 Art Teacher



Kaitlin Rodriguez
Health and Wellness Specialist


Christine Scott
Health and Wellness Specialist


Sophia Spector
5-7 Art Teacher


Instructional Staff      

Michela Dixon

Kindergarten Teacher




Kindergarten Teacher


Claire McQuillen

Kindergarten Teacher



Rebecca Mandel

Kindergarten Teacher


Charles Holiday

Kindergarten Assistant



Tereva Bundy

Leave Replacement Assistant


Kelly Baxter

First Grade Teacher



Elisa Cervantes

First Grade Teacher

Sheree Williams

First Grade Teacher



Bari Pelton

First Grade Teacher

Renee Bernardo

Second Grade Teacher



Melissa L. Perez

Second Grade Teacher


Clare Ham

Second Grade Teacher



Cabrina Kang

Second Grade Teacher

Maryn Brosnan

Third Grade Teacher



Lauren Ettinger

Third Grade Teacher

Kara Plassmann

Third Grade Teacher



Alexandra Brown

Third Grade Teacher

Alyssa Krimsky

Fourth Grade Teacher



Yanela Hernandez

Fourth Grade Teacher

Casey Franco

Fourth Grade Teacher



Rebecca Myers

Fourth Grade Teacher

Angelina Ferrino

Fifth Grade Teacher



Melanie Feinberg

Fifth Grade Teacher

Anastazia Neely

Fifth Grade Teacher



Lodoe Sangmo

Fifth Grade Teacher


Carmen Isaac

Sixth Grade Teacher (ELA)



Sarai Canario

Sixth Grade Teacher (Math)


Elizabeth Solaimanian

Middle School Teacher (Science)



Jeremy Kaller

Middle School Teacher (Social Studies)


Laura Chiriboga

Seventh Grade Teacher (ELA)



Chris Ignaciuk

Seventh Grade Teacher (Math)


Eric Abrecht

Middle School
Learning Specialist



Jacqueline Begnoche

Middle School
Learning Specialist





School leadership


Eve Colavito, Head of School at DREAM Charter School since 2010, graduated from Brown University and began her teaching career in Mmabatho, South Africa. After two years, she returned to New York City and began teaching at River East Elementary School in East Harlem, where she taught third and fourth graders in a full inclusion class. At River East, Eve further developed her belief in the importance of inclusive education and immersed herself in the practice of engaging constructivist teaching. During this time, she received her Masters in Elementary and Special Education from Bank Street College of Education.


Following her tenure at River East, Eve became a founding teacher and director at Bronx Charter School for the Arts. Eve held a variety of roles there and eventually became the Co-Executive Director, alongside the founder of Bronx Arts. These roles allowed Eve to think strategically about the future of the school, and shape the school's curriculum, instruction and overall approach. All of these experiences have led to Eve's conviction about the possibilities for all students to succeed and their ability to achieve nothing less than excellence. Recently, Eve successfully completed the year-long Aspiring Principals Program through New Leaders, a national nonprofit that develops transformational school leaders and designs effective leadership policies and practices for school systems across the country, and was highlighted as a feature success story.


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Marjorie Cass, Middle School Principal, graduated from Boston University’s School of Education and moved to Philadelphia where she teamed up with a juvenile justice-centered law firm. There, she worked with local legislators on a bill that would afford students in foster care tuition waivers for state colleges and universities. Marjorie then moved to New York City to join Teach for America. She earned her Master’s Degree in Childhood and Special Education from Pace University while working in the Bronx as a Special Education Teacher and, later, a Founding Special Education Director. Following her time in the Bronx, she moved to Brooklyn where she worked as an Academic Dean and a Principal in Residence. Marjorie is honored and excited to be part of the DREAM family!


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Emily Parkey, Director of Family Engagement, is in her fifth year at DREAM Charter School. Emily graduated from the University of Denver with a Master's degree in Social Work with an emphasis on community social work with Spanish-speaking populations. She has a Bachelor's degree in Cultural Anthropology from Transylvania University in Lexington, KY. Emily has over 13 years of experience working to build strength-based partnerships with families and communities. She has spent a great deal of time traveling, working, and exploring Central and South America. Emily is fluent in Spanish.



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