Lottery & Results

Thank you for your interest in DREAM Charter School. DREAM's lottery for the 2014-2015 school year took place on Thursday, April 10, 2014. The lottery was conducted by an auditing company and students were selected for all available seats through a random selection process.


DREAM uses the following enrollment preferences:

  • First preference will be given to returning students who attended DREAM in the prior school year.
  • Second preference will be given to the siblings of returning students. "Siblings" shall mean two or more children that are related to each other by having the same father and/or mother, whether through biology or legal adoption.
  • Third preference will be given to students who reside in Community School District (CSD) 4.


Please note that 50% of the incoming Kindergarten seats will be set aside for students who reside in NYCHA housing in CSD 4.


Students who do not receive a seat through the lottery process will be placed on a waitlist.  DREAM fills open seats until January 31 each school year.



Students thrive with individualized attention. DREAM has two teachers in every classroom.

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