Harlem RBI

The doors of DREAM Charter School were first opened in 2008 when Harlem RBI, a community based youth development organization in East Harlem, decided to deepen its impact within the neighborhood.

Harlem RBI has a 23-year history within East Harlem as an academic and sports summer and after-school program. While the program has experienced much success—including a high school graduation rate of 97% and college acceptance rate of 94%—the organization recognized the need for a school with high expectations, a strong culture of care and a vision of student success in the East Harlem community.

Harlem RBI’s mission is to provide inner-city youth with opportunities to play, learn and grow. Harlem RBI uses the power of teams to coach, teach and inspire youth to recognize their potential and realize their dreams. Its unique brand of youth development continues to inspire and direct youth toward positive futures.

DREAM Charter School and Harlem RBI maintain a strong and expanding partnership as institutional and fiscal partners. The organizations’ shared belief in a comprehensive approach to youth development helps youth build the skills and confidence needed to lead healthy, productive lives. Both organizations are deeply dedicated to continuously seek ways to better serve the youth of East Harlem.

Visit Harlem RBI’s website to see our youth play, learn and grow.


Students thrive with individualized attention. DREAM has two teachers in every classroom.

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